Services we provide (service list page)...


All services are "by appointment" only. 
This allows us to concentrate on the individual customer " one car at a time" 

 Engine Machine work 
 Custom modifications and upgrades
 Electronic fuel injection conversions (T. B. I. / T. P. I.)
 Serpentine Belt conversion
 Chassis and suspension modifications and upgrades
 Braking systems  modifications and upgrades
 Electrical rewiring / Repair (Classic American)
 Steering upgrades where applicable 
 Seals and moldings replacements 
 Holley Carburetor Rebuilding or modification
 General up-keep and maintenance
 Rear end rebuilding

 although we are not an actual body shop, We do Restoration work.

 Welding (steel only) 
 Replace interior panels & gauges
 Assistance with value & tag decoding information
 Install replacement sheet metal panels, inner & outer hull
 Removal of old tinting (aftermarket)

On site "Restoration Detailing" is also available... 


We are a distributor of Southern Polyurethanes (SPI) automotive primers & paint

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