Machining  & Flow Bench Services


In the world of engine machine work,

it is not always true that..."you get what you pay for". 
What is true however, is that ...

 " you will not get, what you do not pay for" !
Cheap machine work is no bargain!

At Action Automotive Inc. all machining services are performed to the same level of care and quality whether the project is an everyday transportation engine or a full race engine.
We believe that the machine work must be done carefully and accurately
 no matter if its a repair, stock rebuild, or performance engine.

Producing quality machine work requires:

skill, experience, the right equipment. 
 You simply have to take the time to make sure it is done right. 

No matter how much you put into your project: 
if the machining is not accurate 
and quality parts are not used 
you will not have a good engine.

We don't believe that you can cut corners on the

machine work or mandatory parts. 
We charge a fair price for our skill & craftsmanship.

Also, you can be assured that your machine work will be done carefully, consistently and accurately.

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