Customer Cars:
We also do after market (HP) modifications & retrofit conversions.
You Dream it & you can afford it, we'll do it!
 To display your car : Customers must send pictures or request one taken during a visit.

Jimmy L. 's 1979 T/A

93 Mustang Cobra

71  Challenger R/T Convertible
Michael's Revi.
Re-listed, new owner 
& new paint job.

Ben H. Mustang


John Lewis

Little Red Express
76 modified Corvette:

Eckler conversion body kit 
 Jeff D. '65 Mustang

GT Clone

 71 Challenger  Restoration:
 Karol's page.

waiting for Seats..
 interior parts for
phase III of restoration.
 67 Cadi. 
 Dodge Ram Charger
 77 Vet., Jim Beach

Jim & the vett. moved away in 2001, 
but they are still close to our hearts.
58 Plym. Savoy
Keith Wasserman's 
Leon M. 69 Camaro

 65 Cuda (Rusty's) Fresh paint !!
Currently being refurbished 
and modified for safety and performance.
Robby W. '77 Firebird



Rob M. '71 Challenger



 Roy B. LeMans

? Need porting & / or polishing ?
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